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Shaman brokerage platform service It has gathered only the best shamans from all over the country. 용하다

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Request experts
such as shamanism, dynamics, tarot cards
in each field

You can search and request experts in the field such as shamanistic, epidemiological, and tarot.
You can decide after checking each experts' field of expertise and introduction.

Appointment schedule
consultation and arranging
visit reservation through
online chat!

Discuss the reservation schedule in your chat room with each experts and apply for a visit reservation in the chat room.

recommendation of teacher
to match with me

We automatically recommend experts for each field with simple input.

Writing reviews
and ratings

Only those who make reservations can write reviews and rating for the experts.

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as member, experts and reservation management.

Evaluate experts information change

If the experts information is changed, it will be exposed to the general members through the administrator's review.

Managing Category Information

Manages various categories such as dynamics, tarot and fortune-telling directly.

Statistical information for settlement

Collect the ticket information paid by the members of each experts, matching, accomplished cases statistics.