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Quotation Platform Service We change all estimates
in the world

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Writing an easy

Select the brand and model you want and quickly get a quotation from the vehicle you like based on the purchase method
(temporary payment, installment, rental, lease).

Alarm requesting quotation
that do not require sales
with our own two feet.

If you set your sales area
(new car, cleaning, moving, etc.)
and your activity area, you're notified of the request for an estimate and fill out the estimate sheet.

Get an estimate
and chat
with your partner

You can have a quick chat for additional consultation with the partner who sent you the quote,or a confirmed estimate by PDF.
And you can check the estimate and partner information in the chat room.

Contact the dealer
directly through
the hot deal/market

You can contact your partner directly or consult with them without receiving an estimate.

Manager Services for Platform Operations

Web-based service management pages needed to operate the platform,
such as member management, partner management, and quote management

Platform Status Dashboard

You can check various intergrated information such as today's estimate cases,
recent joining members and total number of quotes.

Platform statistics management

It provides statistics on data such as payment amount, number of members, and cases of estimate.

Partner membership management

You can check the partner's categories, the number of remaining vouchers, and business hours at once.

Reactive web landing page for app promotion

One-page website used for marketing, such as a simple service introduction and app store links