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Counselor brokerage platform service Counseling is a story
of our daily life

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Choose your
preferred counselor
for online counseling

You can check the counselors in the counseling center and select counselor according to the field you're interesed, contents.

an online or offline

Online reservation allows you to consult through a chat room, and to arrange a visit to be consulted directly.

counseling programs

Run various psychological counseling programs such as psychological column and diary which are provided daily.

management page
for counselor only

Counselors manage their reservations, and online counselors chat and conduct consultations in the website.

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as member, counselor and reservation management.

Counselor Information Management

Manage information about counselors working in 나른 service.

Managing counseling reservation information

Manage counseling reservation and payment details in the platform

Counselor management

You can check the counselor's information and the counseling center categories at once.