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Platform Service for Diet Sharing Kids meal management
and meal guidance service
Lunch Time Story

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Sharing meal and
recipe information

The app, Lunchtime Story provides a monthly menu information for daycare centers and share recipes, also share allergy information for each meal.

Applying for monthly
menu change

If there are the menu changing request from each facilities, it will be reflected in the diet after nutritionist's review.
The UI for monthly menu table is changed by the type of diet.

food notification and
widget features

Push alram about non-preferred and allergy food for kids in daily provided menu.
Allergic and non-preferred foods also can be found in widgets.

Taking and
sharing photos of
today's meal

The facility takes pictures of today's meals and shares them with parents.

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as member, facility and diet management.

Diet for Kids Recipe Management

Manage the amount of food ingredients and recipe information and register allergy food information for each recipe.

Daycare center and Center information management

You can check your teacher who belongs to the facility, and class information as well

Platform data statistics

You can see the accumulated data from the lunch time story service with statistical information.