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Real estate brokerage platform service There is no
false offerings!
Real estate platform

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Zero false offerings
through public
data linkage

Prevent false offerings by checking the intellectual and land information provided by public data.

Request directly
to the realtor
I choose!

Depending on the user's location,
we ask the local realtor office directly for sale brokerage

Status of brokerage
procedures and
customer management

Realtor office can register and manage the status of brokerage and my customer's number in the offerings management.

More filters
and offerings information
than apps

Provide more detailed filter conditions and offerings information
such as type of property for sale, transaction type, transaction method, and price from PC

Customer and offering management

Real estate office can register offerings directly and match the registered offerings with customers they manage.

Managing registration
status and applying

Real estate office can advertise the requested offerings using the paid voucher

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as members, and information for sale.

Property for sale management

Manage the progress of registered offerings in the service,
selected real estate offices, and memos

Management of application to change real estate offices

In case of changing information of real estate office,
it is reflected through the manager's examination.

Price list management

Sell real estate brokerage rights in the app.
The amount of the voucher will be discounted by the number of purchases and regions.