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Studio Platform Services Integrated
Media Services

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Space Lental
for YouTubers
and dancers

Rent a range of spaces for producing media content, including studios, instrument practice rooms and dance practice rooms

Various experts including
performers, composers,
cameramen, etc.

Check the booking schedule of various media experts, calculate the hourly rate and pay for it.

Automatic quotation
of Absorbing / Soundproofing
under various conditions

You can check construction estimate only with simple information input. Based on provisional estimates and budgets, you can get quotes directly from builders.

of partners
and contents management

Partner members manage space information / expert details in the app and manage reservations by accepting or rejecting reservations applied by the general members

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page needed to operate the platform,
such as membership management, partner management and quote management

Platform Status Dashboard

You can check the various integrateded Information
such as today's registered space, number of registered members and the number of reservations.

Management of Platform Quotation Status

we can manage reservation information, payment amount and reservation status in real time from Kuda.

Managing Space Information

Examine the basic spatial information that partners have and manage its exposure or not.

Reactive web landing page for app promotion

One-page website used for marketing, such as a simple service introduction and app store links
Provide the optimum screen for any devices with reactive web.