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Emergency control solution based on beacon Integrated emergency disaster for the safety of citizens
anytime, anywhere

Mobile / Solution

Real time monitoring
of users in buildings

The mobile app detects on-site beacon and uses triangulation to calculate and display the user's current location.

Emergency alerts
such as fires and

It helps to evacuate people in the building
to a safe place in case of an emergency.

GS (Good Software)Certification Acquisition

After the solution development was completed, we proceeded with the Good Software (GS) procedure and wrote various documents and user manuals for certification.

Solution for Service Operation

Windows-based solutions for operating the platform,
including membership management, beacon management, and map management

Platform Status Dashboard

Check the status of each administration server and the location of the users in the building.

Map management inside building

You can register a drawing of building to manage CCTV, beacons, and emergency exit locations.

Administration Server Management

Add administration servers to check the status of each server.