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IoT platform service Smart flowerpot
that grows
your plants

Mobile/ Web / Back Office


Support Wifi/Blutus devices both to automatically serch the surrounding
device to check water supply status and LED lights.

for plant growth

Set the amount of light to make proper circumstance for sprouting and blooming in indoor environment that is insufficient light, and choose the color of the LED and use it as a mood light indoor.

and Manual
Water Supply Settings

Check the water level information in the app with the water level sensor in the device.
You can automatically supply water at setting time or manually supply water in the app.

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as membership management, device management and seed management.

Platform Status Dashboard

You can see various information such as registered devices, recent joining members, etc.

Device management

Checking the Bloomengine serial key and the status of the device.

Seed management

Manage the serial keys and information of seeds that can be grown in Bloomengine.

Bloomengine is
being sold on Amazon and Naver Shopping

Bloomengine service has launched.
The device is selling at Amazon Store and Naver Shopping.