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IoT Platform service IoT doorbellsthat protect
our lives safely

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Check the
real-time video
in front of the front door

If motion is detected near the front door, send a push alarm to the app. It also automatically takes and records images in front of the front door.

Simple management
of doorbell
and sharing doorbell

Registered family account can be freely controlled only by sharing doorbells without separate registration.

Visitor management
and suspicious
person detection

Detects motion from the doorbell and takes pictures and video recordings

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as member management, device management, etc.

Platform Status Dashboard

You can check a variety of information, including recently registered devices, recent members, and total number of devices.

Member management

Manage the number of devices currently owned by registered members, product registration status, etc.

Device management

Check the distinct serial key of the doorbell and the status of the device registered in the app