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Laundry platform service Laundry service
in my

Mobile/ Web / Back Office

Request to pick up
my laundry
anytime and anywhere

Whenever and wherever you request to collect your laundry, Baekmin coordinator will visit you and collect your laundry.

Provide coupons,
points and
prepayment system

You can get a discount on laundry costs with coupons and points provided for various events.
The prepayment system allows you to pre-register the card you frequently use.

Check collection request
management and receipt
information in

Check the collection request information assigned to the coordinator in the coordinator's native app and register the laundry

Coordinators pay
for the laundry
after the consent
of the members

Payable with the registered card information without having to pay one by one If members approve.

Administrator services for platform operations

Web-based service management page that is necessary for operating the platform,
such as member management, order management, and reception management.

Platform Status Dashboard

You can check various information such as Accumulated status, delivery status, and collection status today.

Platform for laundry status management

You can manage the status of warehousing laundry and the condition of your laundry.